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Mint Steel Forge Automated Press

Our presses range from 110 to 800 tons and include automated as well as manual delivery systems. Computer driven automation, designed in-house, gives Mint precise movement of blanks into and out of the die area, allowing better control of the forming process. Typical Part Sizes: • Maximum Length – 6 inches • Maximum O.D. – 3.5 inches • Maximum Weight – 5 pounds

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Header Department

Capable of producing preforms or shaft type parts from up to 1 inch wire.

Press Department

Forming presses range from 110 to 800 tons.

Billet Prep Department

Automated saws can produce over 5,000 blanks in a single shift.

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Our Part Production



Examples of Part Production

Conveyor Pins
Closed die forming eliminates the parting lines typically found in conventional forging. The result – longer component life.

Net - Shape Forgings
In many cases, cold forging can totally eliminate machining or finishing of multiple surfaces.

Thin – Wall Extrusions
Combination forward and backward extrusion is used to produce a variety of thin-wall, deep cups.

T – Nuts
High strength T – Nuts are produced using a combination of cold extrusion and forging.

Heavy – Wall Cups
In addition to thin-wall products, Mint is capable of producing heavy wall cups up to 5 lbs. in weight.

Blind Splines
Need a coupling or transmission gear with a blind, internal spline?  Mint has the capability and experience to produce splined blanks from a wide variety of carbon and alloy steels.

Unique Solutions
Mint’s ability to cold form unique shapes can help reduce or eliminate costly machining operations.

Formed, Internal Geometries
Internal features that might typically require broaching or special machining can often be accomplished during the cold forming process


High speed forming combined with coining and piercing allows us to produce “machine-less” brackets.

Venting or Lubrication Features
Internal channels can often be incorporated during the forming process, eliminating the need for costly, additional machining.

Shaft-Type Products
Mint has the ability to produce spindles and shafts up to 6 inches in length.


"We take pride in the parts we build".



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